Page one hundred...Well, this is a big moment, but, I shall throw my idea here, it will be large, and updated often, as I think of new things to add.

The premise Edit

What is among the most-requested thing to be added to minecraft? Water mobs. Not just the silly squid, or the fish item, but, jelly fish, Clown fish , starfish, the oceans BRIMMING to life, with every water animal you could want. Feel free to add your own, by the way. 

The MobsEdit


These guys float above the water, and drift randomly, and only do damage if you touch them, if they touch land, they die, and when they die, they drop no EXP, but will, drop slimeballs (something that is very rare in H/M).


These guys float down to the bottom of the ocean, or any water biome, and move slowly, they are only an atheistic mob, and serve no purpose other then to make oceans look lively.


Look like silver fish, and live in swamp biomes, they dig 1X3 tunnels, and as more spawn, the newly spawned ones will dig and branch off of the first one's tunnel. They drop clay balls, but no EXP.