The major data of tengu, the ultimate guardian.



A random notches enchanted item or a horribly, horribly, cursed item. May have another suffix.


50 times the player at the level tengu is at. Not only that, it can leech your health. A boss meter appears when it is attacked. You have been warned.


He does 20 damage times level in the area. Once again, you have been warned.


Tengu has some pretty unique behavior. When tamed and clicked, you become tengu. He can fly like in creative bit can't wield anything. You can level him up during this time.

untamed behaviorEdit

Will be neutral to player, and guards the player like iron golems. Thus, useless against any exploding monster(and slimes. And I don't like that.)

message to editors and suchEdit

Please don't edit except grammar and spelling. Comment If you have any ideas! See my ideas page ( to see some other ideas

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