So, theres a new world made by killing boss mobs (that are spawned right before the chest room in a tower and you need 100 of them each boss drops from 1 - 6 Anthietic Seeds. Place one and if fertilized by a Magic Fertilizer (made with diamonds everywhere but middle. If ti is fertilized it will start its cycle. You have to watch it, as it can spoil over time. But, each seed can grow into a Anthyst Fragment, and 5 in the crafting table turns into an Anthyst Gem. Gems power Twilight blocks. 


Spawned rarely in level 100 areas are Twilight Spires, small holes in the ground with glowing green and black blocks. in the small hole there is a passage to a Twilight room underground with a Dark Spawner, which spawns very many terrible mobs. Well, in the room, there are Twilight Blocks, which are arranged like this:

B B B B 


B B B B  

B is twilight block and L is lava

insert the amthyests into the slots and the lava will turn into a portal and you can go in.

Whats in twlightEdit