That man

Inspired by this guy, SCP-106

The wall phaser is a rare, Epic-mob, found in Grand Temples, and they will start chasing the player(s) after descending two floors down. They appear to be a somewhat small, hunched-over elf, with red eyes, you will know it is close, as it will emit a cracking noise, like stone breaking, then you should sprint, as they will not give up the chase once you are found. It does 100 hit points of damage, and anything it touches will turn into Cracked Stone, Cracked Wood Planks, or Cracked Stone Bricks. They have two attacks, The Slash (a Normal punch, does 90 damage) and the Phaser, which throws a player twenty blocks in the air, and drops them.

They have 600 HP, and drop the following: 8 platinum coins, 7-10 iron ingots, Phaser's wand (teleports mobs away, and then does 5-90 damage), and when killed, they spawn two skeletons. They cannot leave the temple, you if you are being attacked, run just outside the temple.


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