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Everybody knows the Minecraft addon "Hack/Mine" or as some people also call it, "Hack Slash Mine". I think there should be some improvements though! Please submit your ideas to this wiki, for example, make up a nice class and post it! Or why don't you think of a race that has been hiding under the depths of Minecraftia for years, and now comes out of the ground to be a playable character? Maybe you could look through your bookcase and you'll find a nice magic scroll you could tell us about! 

We appreciate everything you post to this wiki- whether its a mob, class, spell, race, weapon type, unique item- we'd love to see your ideas, and therefore this wiki is focused on sharing your ideas with other people, while you also'll have the ability to read theirs! We hope you have fun on the Wiki! 

Please if you have any Questions go here all questions get answered eventually but not straight away.

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