The boss rare spawn names. Unlike normal mobs,(though this is a good idea) the name affects the them.

elemental namesEdit

The name changes the element of the monster to it and changes the element the attack is. If there are two, the first element is elemental type, the second is the attack type. Three elemtanl things won't appear unless at least two are

Electrical attacksEdit

storm dash the deceiving pikachu


red fire the flaming one


blue stream the aqua master


green leaf the swaying sapling


alright, a stat up and an element. All stats go up 10 and all the attacks are set to no element. The name is: (random player name) dian the blank (whatever the mob is) ex robosnakejrdian the blank tengu. Only stat ups can be applied when this is applied.

stats upsEdit

All of them up by 15


Strong fist the deadly


Boulder stone the sturdy


Jump spin the master of agility

That is it!

message to editors 'nd other stuffEdit

Please don't edit, however, give me ideas in the comments!

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